As a Special Education Instructional Assistant, you will be tasked with the important role of supporting our students with special needs. Partnering with your lead teacher, you'll build heartwarming relationships with your students while providing the critical support and instruction they need to grow and succeed. Your ability to maintain flexibility and provide one-on-one guidance will ensure that students who need extra attention can achieve their goals, and we'll reward your passionate dedication every day.


$18.60/hour to start


Many professional learning opportunities geared to your role


Stable schedules with part-time and full-time options


No nights or weekends


School locations close to your home


Excellent benefits package

Bring your skills to our classrooms.

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Bhavana, Special Education Instructional Assistant at Wake County Public School System


Special Education Instructional Assistant

"You will be happy to retire working with WCPSS. This is a job with pension, insurance, job security and great work/life balance. Your holidays will match with your children, and you don't take work home with you. I've been able to grow and develop new skills through training and self-paced learning materials."

Abby, Special Education Instructional Assistant at Wake County Public School System


Special Education Instructional Assistant

"We are providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment for all of our students. At the end of the day, that is what matters. The families of our students know that their children are loved, cared for and that we are their biggest cheerleaders."

Substitute teacher and student share a laptop at Wake County Public School System
Special Education Instructional Assistant talking with student at Wake County Public School System

What you'll love

  • You'll get real classroom experience and learn unique skills to help launch a career in education.
  • You'll become a key person in children's lives since they will rely on you to tackle hurdles and stay on course.
  • You'll learn how to overcome challenges and reap the rewards of helping a child with special needs while the teacher is focused on the entire class.
  • You'll help students build independence in learning, social skills and life skills.
Special Education Instructional Assistant engaging in playtime with student at Wake County Public School System

What it's like

  • You'll maintain flexibility to adapt to the continually evolving needs of students on a daily basis.
  • You'll engage and assist students from all different backgrounds, tailoring your instruction to address each student's academic, socio-emotional and other needs.
  • You will work with a small group or with one student directly, rather than a whole classroom.
  • You'll create an accessible, encouraging and healthy learning environment for all students to thrive.
Special Education Instructional Assistant with two young students at Wake County Public School System

What it takes